Jamie Hartwright Is Judy Sheindlin's Daughter: What Is She Up To? (2023)

  • Jamie Hartwright is the first child of the famous ‘Judge Judy’ host, Judith Sheindlin
  • Despite being born to lawyer parents, Jamie shied away from the profession and delved into something else.
  • She had 4 other siblings, 3 of whom followed her parent’s footsteps while one strayed away, just like her.

Despite being the eldest child of legendary show host and legal practitioner Judy, Jamie Hartwright has maintained a very private life. The Levy-Sheindlin family members are quite known, safe for Jamie who chose a low-key life.

For those who may not know, Judy Sheindlin is the famous Judge Judy whose proceedings on cases involving marriages and family have been aired for about 25 seasons on the CBS channel. She is known for other similar shows like 2021 produced ‘Judy Justice’ which many believe is not so different from her first arbitration-based reality court show.

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Hartwright, as already earlier stated is the first child of the famous judge. She has a couple of siblings who are also well known in their various chosen fields but Jamie has preferred to remain under the radar for most of her life.

Jamie Hartwright is 57 Years old

Judge Judy’s first child was born Jamie Gail Levy on February 2, 1966. She was born after two years of her parent’s marriage. Judith Susan Sheindlin nee Blum got married to the father of her Jamie in 1964 when she was barely 21.

Ronald Levy also studied law and became a juvenile prosecutor. After getting married, the couple moved to New York City where they started a family. They stayed married for about 12 years and got divorced in 1976 when Jamie was 10 years old.

What Prompted Her Parent’s Divorce?

Gail and her 54 year old brother who was born two years after her, were dotted on. Their mother paused her career in order to take care of them. She had no qualms with the arrangement as she confessed she always wanted to have kids and dedicate her time to raising them.

However, when the kids grew to a certain age, Judge Judy became bored of staying home. She then went back to school and got a Master’s degree in Family Law. After earning her Master’s, Judy returned to work, bigger and better.

This new arrangement did not sit properly with her husband, Ronald, who wanted her to remain a housewife. According to the Judge during an interview, Levy saw her career as a hobby.

With Ronald’s insistence and Judith’s stubbornness, Jamie’s parents got divorced soon. Former Mrs. Levy admitted that she began to resent her husband’s view on her career path despite him being a good man, and this further necessitated the divorce.

Her Mother has been Married Thrice

After being single for a couple of months, Judith Susan Blum remarried but still kept it in the law circle. She met her second husband at a bar in New York City where they both worked as lawyers.

While Jerry Sheindlin, Judy’s husband served as a defense attorney, she worked as a prosecutor. The day she met her husband at the bar, she was just finishing up from a courtroom when she saw him talking to a reporter in the bar.

From interviews granted by Jerry, he said their first encounter wasn’t pleasant. Judith walked up to him and putting a finger to his face, asked who he was. Jerry asked her to take her hand off his face because he found her action to be impolite.

In the midst of their not-so-pleasant exchange, Judge Judy noticed that Jerry was good-looking and wore a nice pair of shoes. According to the judge, Jerry’s shoes were shining and it was a huge attraction to her.

This encounter would go on to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship and eventual marriage. Within a few months of meeting each other, Judith asked Jerry to marry her. Although he didn’t buy the idea in the beginning, Sheindlin eventually agreed and they got married.

Their marriage lasted for 13 years after which they hit a rock which led to an abrupt divorce. Toward the early 1990s, Jamie’s mother lost her dad who was a dentist known as Mr. Murray Blum. Susan was very fond of him and his demise took a toll on her relationship with her husband.

When Murray Blum passed on, Judith felt she did not get as much support from her husband as she should have. In the book ‘What Makes Marriage Last’, the defense attorney stated that his wife gave him an ultimatum.

According to Jerry, Judith told him that if he wasn’t going to work out a means around being who she wanted, she would divorce him. Judge Judy was true to her words and in just one day, she had prepared the divorce papers.

Hartwright’s mother and her second husband got divorced in 1990. However, the divorce was short-lived as they both found their way back to each other after a year. By 1991, Judy and Jerry remarried.

According to both of them, they realized how much they missed each other. The TV show host and judge confessed that she realized she couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks. As a result of this realization, she chose to let bygones be and renew her happiness with Jerry.

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Gail Has 4 Siblings

Jamie Hartwright Is Judy Sheindlin's Daughter: What Is She Up To? (3)

Gail Jamie Hartwright has four other siblings but just 1 is her biological sibling. Adam Scott Levy is her younger brother who was born two years after her on October 9, 1968. Her other siblings are from her mother’s marriage to Jerry. Jamie is still the oldest of all her siblings, nonetheless.

The first child from her step-father is known as Gregory Everett Sheindlin who was born in September 1964. Jonathan Sheindlin, her second step sibling was born in September 1967 while the last of the siblings, Nicole Sheindlin, was born in November 1968.

What is Jamie Hartwright Up To?

Out of the already introduced five children of Jamie Hartwright’s parents, she is the least famous. Details about her life and even career have not been revealed yet as she is a very private person. Jamie is so discreet that her wedding, marriage, and career are not public knowledge despite being the daughter of the famous Judge Judy.

That aside, it is quite obvious that she is married as she no longer bears her maiden name. She went from Gail Levy to Jamie Hartwright. Reports state that her mother, the ‘Judy Justice’ host, and her husband Jerry, presided over the marriages of their children.

However, amongst the five kids shared between Jerry and his wife Judy, three are linked to the legal profession. Jamie’s younger biological brother, Adam Scott Levy followed in the footsteps of his parents.

Adam made a name for himself as a district attorney in Putnam County, New York. In 2013, he began to make headline news. He has been in the media and news a few times and is quite known for his exploits in the courtroom.

Gregory Sheindlin is also a successful lawyer and so is his sister, Nicole. In fact, Nicole has sought ways to further expand her reach as she is open to serving in as many capacities as possible.

Nicole Shiendlin partnered with her stepmother Judith Shiendlin, to create a mentorship program in 2005. She is the co-creator of the ‘Her Honor Mentoring’ program together with the ‘Judge Judy’ host.

In addition to this, Nicole has reportedly been to about 40 countries on 7 continents. She is an avid advocate for human rights and gender equality. Nicole has been part of several organizations that she uses to reach out to young girls and women to help and empower them.

Jonathan Sheindlin, like Jamie Gail Hartwright, shied away from the legal field. He is titled towards the medical side instead and is quite successful in his career. He has an MD from New York Medical College and had his residency done in Ophthalmology.

Jonathan then went on to do his fellowship in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery at Harvard University Medical School. He is widely recognized as an Eye and Ear doctor who works with several hospitals and centers. Similarly, he is part of a lot of notable medical organizations.

In addition to the aforementioned, Jonathan Sheindlin has dedicated his time and resources to important research. He had research done on posterior segment changes in the aging eye. He also researched complex diabetic retinal detachments and long-term strategies to decrease the consequences of retinal vascular diseases.

Moving on, it is reported that the Levy-Sheindlin children have produced a total number of 13 kids as of 2022. Given how private Jamie is, it is difficult to know if she has kids and if they are part of this huge number. One of these 13 kids is known as Sarah Rose who is also in the legal field. In fact, Rose has teamed up with Judith Susan Shiendlin on her new show ‘Judy Justice’.

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